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Karolyn Grimes, the original "ZUZU" from "It's A Wonderful Life"

still has thousands of fans around the world who come to see her

every year at her celebrity conventions. She reprises her role in "It's A Wonderful Life - The Rest Of The Story" and we are so lucky to have her!


Seneca Falls NY has their annual "It's A Wonderful Life" Festival where you can find Karolyn signing autographs and posing with fans. She loves her fans as much as they love her.

You can always visit Karolyn's Fan Webpage:

Check out one of her latest interviews on YouTube. Click on either

of the two pics on the right side of this page.

Also fun is to revisit the original story with many of the original stars

portraying their roles in the 1947 LUX RADIO  broadcast of

"It's A Wonderful Life" - Click on the LUX RADIO button here.

this is a link to the lux i a w l radio drama from 1947 with the original actors
this is a link to the Daily Blast interview with Karolyn Grimes
this is another link to another interview with Karolyn Grimes about her being Zuzu

Did you attend the 75th Anniversary in Seneca Falls, New York? A glorious time was had by all!

Check out the "It's A Wonderful Life Museum"

this is a link to the website run by the Seneca Falls It's A Wonderful Museum

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