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So there will never EVER be a greater film for the holidays than Capra's original "It's A Wonderful Life". Everyone knows that.

But also, there are SO many fans of the film, Martha Bolton (Bob Hope's first female comedy writer for 15 years) and I wanted to revisit Bedford Falls and finally find out what happens. Did Mr. Potter get away with the money he "stole"? How did the town react to him after the story got out about what he did? Did George Bailey ever get to build his dream buildings and bridges? Did George and Mary's kids grow up to have families of their own? And what about all the folks living in Bedford Falls - what does the town look like 40 years later?

There is no better way to pay homage to Capra and the stars who gave us these wonderful memories than to continue what they started. You will be introduced to George Bailey's grandson also named George. As much as time changes, you will still recognize many of Bedford Falls landmarks. The theater, Nick's Bar, the bridge... they're all there. As George comes of age, finding his high school sweetheart, we learn that not all George's are the same!


                           I can't wait for you to learn the "rest of the story"!                      -  Bob Farnsworth, Hummingbird Productions

All you can take with

you is that which you

give away."

this is photo of Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey reading his father's quote "All you can take with you is that which give away."

Do you wonder who cares about the rest of the story? These articles and many more came out within hours of each other when the announcement was made by Variety that there would be a sequel.

this is a photo of the Variety Magazine's issue about the It's A Wonderful Life sequel
this is the front page of ENTERTAINMENT magazine about the It's A Wonderful Life sequel
this is Hollywood Magazines cover about It's A Wonderful Life sequel
This is page 2 of the Hollywood Reporter article about a sequel being made
this is the U S A Today article about the sequel being made
this is more literature about the sequel in production

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